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Let's do this.

Our partnership will be the solution you need to build that kick-ass business you've been envisioning. No more going it alone. No more doing everything yourself.

It's time to ring the bell.

We'll start by getting very clear on where you've been, where you are now, and where you really want to be.

Then, we'll create a clear strategy and detailed action plan that will take you there. 


"A goal without a plan is just a wish."

-Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

We'll fill the gaps, eliminate the road blocks that have been holding you back, and create efficiencies that will make your work fun again. You may even wake excited for the day -- instead of feeling overwhelmed and completely exhausted!  ​

With an experienced OBM in place, you can shift your focus to the things that you do best -- those things that you love doing ,which move your vision forward, and keep you motivated to keep going. 

You'll no longer fill whole days (or weeks!) researching how to do something, looking for things, or fussing with a tool that was supposed to make your life easier. We'll create and document custom processes, based on best practices, and build the solid infrastructure that your growing business can build upon.

You'll know exactly where we're going, and exactly how we're getting there. No more putting out fires. No more chasing shiny objects.

No more feeling out of control.


About Me

I'm Farrah Rose -- the Founder of the Executioner (and your Online Business Manager and Consultant). I'm focused on helping small businesses that are committed to supporting, educating, and empowering others. I believe in company transparency, consumer privacy, and demonstrated respect -- and I welcome clients who hold the same values.

With extensive experience in business management (both on-site and online), sales management, client service, online marketing, project management, business litigation, recruiting, and client and employee onboarding, I bring a diverse skill set to help start-ups and small businesses execute (and develop) their strategy.

I'm not just another OBM who went through paid training to become a "Certified OBM," I've done the work at all levels and across various industries. From private banking and investments operations at the corporate level to managing social media for solopreneur coaches, I've actually done it all -- created the business plans, managed the projects, launched the systems, executed the campaigns, and celebrated the successes.

When you hire me, an experienced* Online Business Manager, you secure a partner you can trust -- while you remain in full control and in-the-know, at all times.


Most importantly, you can count on complete discretion and professional, friendly, and dependable service.

*You can find the link to my LinkedIn profile in the footer.


I have worked with Farrah for several months now and can tell you she has changed my life! Farrah's extensive experience in operations brings a practical business perspective as well as the technical skills to evaluate needs, research solutions and implement a project plan. She has been so helpful in streamlining my business processes and identifying shortcuts and software that will make my life a lot easier. As a sole proprietor, I only have so many hours in the day to serve my clients and grow my business. Working with Farrah has been a joy and I continue to learn a lot. She is a very patient teacher! No problem is too complex for Farrah to research and solve. Now all of my communication devices are synched and talking to one another, creating huge efficiencies. I highly recommend Farrah. She is full of integrity, values relationships, honors time commitments, and goes more than the "extra mile" for her clients. 

-Sarah C.

What People Say

What can an Online Business Manager do for me?


Online Business Management

Operations, infrastructure development, sales management, recruiting, onboarding, training, personnel management, culture development, business plan development and execution, reporting, analytics and more.

Project Management

From minor to more in-depth projects, develop clear planning and tracking tools, and effectively manage your project(s) through to completion. Hire and oversee additional contractors, as needed.


Create the plan to reach your target audience and bring them to conversion. Develop customer journey, landing pages, newsletters, blogs, podcasts, social media campaigns, online ads, and more. 

Program Launch 

Identify the best tool(s) for your program, plan it, build it, and promote it. Design the videos, graphics, handouts, surveys, assessments, and more.  Bring it from idea to completion.


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