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How does this work?

How does this work?

  • We will have a complimentary initial consultation to discuss your needs (30 minutes).

  • Depending on the type of work, you may receive a proposal and estimate.

  • Following a brief trial period, where we determine if we are a fit, we will agree upon and sign a work agreement and non-disclosure agreement that details our work and payment arrangement.

  • You pay for actual time worked (not coffee breaks, bathroom breaks, socializing, sick days and vacation days). Billable hours are tracked and detailed via FreshBooks (login provided).

  • You get help when you need it (as needed, project and retainer agreement options available), from a skilled pro.

  • We have a weekly check-in over the phone (video or screen share if desired/needed) and call, text or email, as needed/requested.

  • You don't pay federal/state payroll taxes, FICA, vacation pay, sick days and employee health benefits expenses.

  • You don't purchase additional office space, software or equipment for our services.

  • You don't pay agency fees, as with temporary employees.

  • You free-up some time and have a business "partner" to lean on.

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